Krystal as Anna

Jessica as Elsa

Taeyeon as Olaf

Love these two!


(best of) Li Na’s 2014 Australian Open victory speech

Peeps at JYP are feeling sexy this 2013
2PM: When you touch me, I close my eyes and smell your scent; I feel like soaring, my body and mind all burn up; all day I think about you. That’s all I do...
Sunmi: I get more thirsty, the more I taste it, the more my body wants it. 24 hours is not enough...
MISS A: Kiss kiss kiss, baby; hush hush hush, baby; a little closer, hold me tight; give it to me...


hyoyeon; japanese mv


story about hyoyeon: 

2 Days - The Big Days : The Awkward Couple

“Is there any member who are uncomfortable with out of the 9 members?”

HyoYeon : “When we first debuted, I was a little uncomfortable with TaeYeon who is of same age as me. When we had meals together it is so uncomfortable that I don’t know if the rice went in from the nose or from the mouth” 

TaeYeon : “It’s the same for me too. Even on radio shows, I’ve revealed my awkwardness with HyoYeon before. But now, we are the closest.”

- WinWin | 100420

Happy birthday to our one and only dancing queen, Kim Hyoyeon!

Lol gif HyoSeo